Gambling is playing games of chance for money for instance card games or horse racing. Moreover, gambling is the act of betting money or a valuable object to win.  It is a form of entertainment that is enjoyed by everyone.  In America,  a lot of celebrities are gamblers. The likes of Michael Jordan, Nelly, 50 Cent, and Brad Pitt amongst other celebrities. This article will talk about celebrities who do gambling.



Nelly, an American rapper, singer, and entrepreneur is a gambler. Despite his huge wealth and deep bankrolls he still plays online casino games. Nelly usually plays poker. He finds fun in gambling and he always seems to look for an opportunity to make it to the poker table. 

Brad Pitt

He is an American actor and Film producer. Besides his career, the star plays slots.  He loves casino games, preferably Blackjack, Poker, online slots, and actual slot machines. Pitt started gambling after his role in the movie Oceans 11. He has promised to continue gambling as he finds excitement while playing.

50 Cent

50 Cent is a hip-hop artist and a hardcore gambler and he gambles with a lot of money. He places some eye-watering bets that even his peers struggle to match. He is one of the gamblers that you would not want to play with. He has placed bets up to $2 million against Manny Pacquiao and also as San Francisco 49ers. 50 Cent has won these bets and has been known as one of the most passionate players. 50 Cent has lucky of winning. 

Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is an American businessman and a basketball player. He has a history of gambling. He occasionally plays high-stakes poker on occasion. Moreover, he likes playing blackjack. In his life gambling is interwoven with his career.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck is an award-winning actor who has been a fan of poker for many years. He has won a poker championship that earned him a seat on the world poker tour.  He gives to charity many of his payouts. Ben has lost a lot of money to poker games. The amounts he has lost are not known as winnings in private games are difficult to track.

Matt Damon

Besides being a popular celebrity, Matt is a professional poker and Blackjack player. He started gambling when he was given a role to play in the movie “ Rounders”. To play this role well, he became a student of Johnny Chan. Johnny is known to be one of the best players and because of him, Matt learned about the game. It is not quite certain about what he does with his winnings yet he is a passionate player of Blackjack. He loves playing at Casinos that pay the best. 

Tobey Maguire

 He is a Spiderman star. Tobey has lived as an underground poker player. He organizes high-stake poker games for business figures and Hollywood celebrities. By playing cards,  Spider-Man star made up to $40 million in a few years. Tobey’s success was the inspiration behind the X character in the movie Mollys’ Game. The reason why he said no to many films was that he already had a career in Poker.

George Clooney

He is the main star in the movie Ocean 11,12 and 13 movies. He is known as a celebrity world casino gambler. Geroge Clooney has been playing casino games his entire life.  He has participated in many games of the kind in Hollywood.  The inspiration for the movie called Molly’s game came from these kinds of games. George is interested in gambling, he has even started building his casino in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the construction failed.

Paris Hilton

She loves gambling and has encountered gambling in Las Vegas a city where casino games are more than just common. Paris has won $30 000 while playing casino games. She enjoys playing online casino games but she plays both online and offline casino games. Paris is a regular gambler.

Phil Ivey

 He is the world’s best poker player. Ivey holds 10 World Series of Poker bracelets and he is the youngest player to do so. Phil began gambling at the age of 8.  He used fake IDs to get access to the casinos of Antlati City. He is currently known as the ‘ Tiger Woods of poker. Moreover, he currently offers 3 training programs for wannabe poker pros. 

Richard Nixon

He is a very good poker player and one of the famous gamblers. Nixon used the proceeds of his casino poker games to finance his political campaigns.


Gambling is not only for ordinary people. Celebrities around the world love this and they gamble regularly. These were just some of the celebrities who enjoy gambling and playing bets. However, most celebrities love to gamble and they do this often.