You can make a respectable living from home by becoming an online merchant. You can do this by creating and selling virtual goods online. Virtual goods are intangible items that only have value within online games and online communities.

Virtual reality games such as ‘Second Life’ and ‘World of Warcraft’ have millions of people login online everyday to take control of their unique avatars and go about their day in a virtual world. These role-playing games have become increasingly popular, with players living out a virtual life, connecting with other players, getting virtual jobs or going on missions or quests to reach higher levels or earn specific items and so on.


They are run on international servers so players and their characters can interact with other players in real time, exchanging conversations, items and currency. The popularity of these games has become so immense, that many people have seen the potential and now sell ‘goods’ within the gaming community.


You can buy and sell virtual real-estate or create items such as furniture, clothes, even food and sell it to other users. In the case of the fantasy game ‘World of Warcraft’ where weapons, potions and spells help players advance to higher levels, it is a good idea to sell such highly prized items to make a stable income online.


Selling virtual goods doesn’t only mean selling items within an online game, you could also write ebooks and sell them online too. Many users write short stories and sell their ‘virtual books’ to ebook readers. You can sell them for fairly low prices, but with a high demand, you could end up making an impressive profit.