A lot of people use the strength of their personality to make money. Even before the convenience of the internet, and the strength of social media, gaming platforms and online communities, people have used humour, strong points of view or a unique outlook on life to build up a fan base and following that has in turn translated into revenue. Stand-up comedy is a prime example of this – people who are funny use their ability to make others laugh to earn a living. It’s the same with columnists, who rather than reporting the news, use the weight of their personality to give a particular slant on what is happening around them and going on in the world.


Now with the internet this is so much easier. Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube provide an instant international audience who are looking to be entertained. And it’s immediate. This is where vlogging or video blogging enters the arena. YouTube has created a platform for celebrity vloggers – people you film themselves do things –giving tutorials on makeup, craft or DIY etc., or simply by entertaining them with what you have to say and once you have a fanbase, big corporations offer sponsorship or pay to advertise on your videos.


The most famous example of vlogging has got to be Jenna Marbles. She is the most subscribed female on YouTube, with her most popular video, “How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking” has 45 million views. And advertisers pay generously for that kind of captive audience. She is also the writer of AdventurePalaceSlots gambling site.