Roulette is played at casinos. When playing online, players don’t get to experience real tables or dealers since they are replaced by 3D simulations. That said, the rules remain the same. There are three main betting options: single bet, multiple bets, and progressive jackpots. Additionally, there are various types of roulette wheels, ranging from European wheels to American wheels. Each type has its advantages. This article will explain how Roulette works and the type of wheels and which one to choose based on your needs.

How Roulette Works

The objective of the game is to guess correctly which numbers will come out in a given spinning round of the wheel. The player places their wager on the number that he thinks will win.  The dealer spins the wheel and stops when the ball lands on a specific spot on the red-colored area of the table. If you guessed right, you get paid according to the odds listed on the roulette board. These are usually set as 1-32 for black and 1-38 for red. 

Single Betting

It means placing a wager on only one number; often called a “single zero” . This is so because if you bet on just one number, the result will be the total of all the other numbers. For example, if you bet $10, you would be putting $10 on 00 (zero).  01 through 18, 19 through 36, 37 through 54, and 55 through 64. You can also put money on several different numbers, like 2 or 5, which would add up to more than $10.

Multiple Bets

Multiple Bets mean placing wagers on multiple numbers. A typical bet might be 10 on 02 and 12 on 20, which would result in a payout of $20. The payouts go down with the size of the wager.  However, the house advantage increases with the size of the bet. So, if you have $100 in your account, you could place two separate bets of $50 each. This results in a total of $100. But, if you placed $300 on four numbers, you would only net $200 after paying the casino.

Progressive Jackpot

Progressive Jackpot means wagering the minimum amount required to enter the jackpot. Most progressive jackpots start small and increase over time until someone hits them. At this point, the prize pool is split among all winners.


Zero-Zero means placing a wager where you predict both zeros on the same spin. To do so successfully, you must predict not only the first zero but the second zero on the same spin. While this sounds difficult, it’s quite easy to do once you understand the basic concept—and it pays well!

Types Of Roulettes

There are three main types of roulette wheels used today: European, French, and American. They differ in terms of appearance and the way numbers are displayed. European wheels look similar to regular playing cards. Their design was created back in 1796, though they were not used widely until the early 1900s. French wheels were developed around the turn of the century, they feature a slightly modified layout compared to European wheels. American wheels have been in use since the 1920s, and they have a more complex design. Here’s an overview of each type:

European Wheels

These types of wheels are still very popular due to their simplicity. They consist of a green rectangle containing 38 slots, each with a number between 0 and 36. Unlike American wheels, European wheels don’t include a double zero slot. Instead, there are two single zeroes located at opposite ends of the wheel.

French Wheels

This type of wheel looks much more sophisticated than its European counterpart. There is no green coloration. The wheel is divided into sections instead of being made up of individual squares. However, the layout is quite similar, with a few exceptions. Instead of having two single zeros, there is only one spot located at either end of the wheel. Furthermore, the middle section features two rows of five pockets, while the outermost part has eight pockets.

American Wheels

By far the most complicated type of wheel, these have a square shape and many intricate details. Each of the 36 slots contains a single numeral from zero to 35, except for the single zero. Additionally, several other parts make this wheel unique. For starters, there is a straight line dividing the wheel into thirds. This is known as the “bulls-eye.” Further along this line, there are six areas called “diamonds” where players can place their bets. These diamonds are numbered 1 through 6, starting with the center diamond (1). They work outwards towards the edge of the wheel. Lastly, two additional lines divide the wheel into quarters, each quarter lined up with a different colored stripe.


Roulette is easy to play and is still popular amongst gamblers. It’s played with a wheel and a ball on the inside.